VIP Protection


Assessed Threat Solutions provides both short and long term projects tailored to suit our client’s needs. 
Our preferred operating style is to blend in with the client / environment & not to be identified as CPO’s, (Close Protection Operatives) to the extent that if necessary the person being protected is not aware of the CPO’s true function. Conversely due to operational requirements and / or client wishes this is not always possible and overt protection is provided.

The aim of the services we provide is to protect the client in 3 areas:

One of our CPO's in Central Africa
American clients in Soweto
Richard Schagen with Jacques Kallis

Physical well-being

  • Protection from general crime, traffic and any specific threats etc.

  • Medical coverage in the event of accidents, fires and a clients own medical condition e.g. heart problems, diabetes, high blood pressure etc.

Mental well-being

  • The client feels safe from physical threats

  • Confirming hotel bookings, parking etc.

  • Client’s visit is smooth and hassle free and they can concentrate on their job


  • Discreet protection of the client’s right to privacy

  • Personal/business life and information

We achieve this by:

Holistic approach    ▬    Thorough planning    ▬    Conflict avoidance