Are you being followed?

Are you being followed?

June 19, 2018 Uncategorized 0

How often have you heard the phrase ‘they came from nowhere!’ coming from victims of crime? Virtually any form of attack is preceded by some form of surveillance on the soon to be victim, here are some tips:


  • The vehicular follow can be triggered by someone on foot & the vehicle commences the tail while you are on route
  • Be aware of ‘choke points’ – your area might only have a road or two coming out of it & therefore you can be picked up exiting the area
  • They don’t have to sit behind you, there can be one or two cars between you & the criminal
  • They don’t have to sit in your lane, on a multiple lane road or highway they just need to cover the exits
  • The average criminal will use one vehicle (making our life much easier) though multiple vehicles can be used
  • High risk areas to be targeted include shopping centres, banks (information can leak from inside), airports
  • You can be targeted because of your vehicle, dress, purchases, drawing cash, & appearing unaware
  • Watch that mirror! Any vehicle that takes more than two turns, changes lanes or indicates with you should be carefully watched

Stay safe

Richard Schagen