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‘Make your problem ours’

Founded by Richard Schagen in 2010 and based in South Africa, with operational experience in Sub-Saharan Africa, Assessed Threat Solutions (ATS) has extensive expertise in the overt and covert close protection/ bodyguard field, ranging from governmental protection in high risk environments, to leaders of the business world, as well as the everyday threat situation in the normal working environment. What sets us apart is our ability to operate in this field in a covert manner.
In the investigative/surveillance field we have executed numerous successful operations in both civil and criminal matters.
The surveillance operations carried out have been in the main against crime syndicates, with our ability to carry out specialised urban and rural operations.


‘It’s what you don’t see us do, that makes the difference’

Our philosophy is that it’s not just what you did in the past but what you can do today that counts, so through regular practice & assessment we maintain our high standards.

VIP Protection

ATS specializes in the VIP/Close Protection arena, and deals with a wide variety of clients from dignatories to sports teams

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As an integrated solutions provider, we bring a dynamic combination  highly skilled and experienced investigative personnel.

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We do urban and rural surveillance in conjunction with Close Protection Operations and Investigations of Civil and Criminal matters

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We bring a dynamic combination of management and execution, with highly skilled and experienced personnel.

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Hennie Muller

Group Head of Security at E Oppenheimer & Son

Richard adds value to any security challenge with his out-of-the-box thinking and attention to detail.

Dave Wilson Dip.

COBC Manager – Global coverage at Beverage Services Limited

I have known Richard for over twenty years both personally and professionally. Richard provided protection, investigative, security and surveillance solutions to my former company as a service provider. I have always found Richard to deliver a quality reliable service. More importantly, Richard has the utmost integrity and displays this in all his dealings whether personally or professionally. I can highly recommend Richard Schagen as a professional operator.

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From time to time we write articles on security and safety issues. We will also share news and info from other well regarded sources.

Are you being followed?

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